Cross Platform Apps

Kairos firmly believes in adopting to new technologies which can give higher productivity and profit to businesses. Due to increase in number of Mobile OS like iOS, Android, Nokia’s Symbian , Samsung’s Bada it was costly for businesses to hire developers for all this platforms Few businesses saw this problem and came out with cross platform application development. This has helped developers to write code once and release in all the major mobile operating system. There are few companies which has released their SDK’s to develop cross platform mobile application

Android and iOS are the cornerstones of the smartphone era that has changed the world forever. And while both the platforms focus on a common goal i.e convenient mobile applications, each has its own set of features that make them unique in their entirety. However, this has got many developers and entrepreneurs confused as to which one of the two is better for developing a mobile application. While some would hail Android, and others will advocate iOS, we say ‘why not both’? Why not a cross platform mobile application?.

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Developing apps separately for iOS and Android is a costly, as well as time consuming affair. Cross-platform tools solve this problem by allowing developers to create applications with a single code that run in a native container or external frame, and can be ported to other platforms. This is what allows cross-platforms to reach larger number of devices, and consequently, bring a wider reach for your business, as compared to native apps which are platform-dependent. Bring the power of cross platform apps to your business, and give your users, the best of both worlds, with Kairos - the best mobile app development company in Calicut, India.