Ecommerce Services Calicut

Are you thinking of starting an e-commerce based business but do not know how and whom to contact? Are you sure that your products or services are suitable for online sales? Want to promote your e-commerce but do not know which are the most strategic and effective tools to do it? Ask for advice. To seize a profit the benefits of online commerce, not enough to have an e-commerce site. It needs to know the commercial and logistical dynamics, strategies, and opportunities for online sales, equip themselves with digital and web-specific marketing tools.

We offer consulting services in the field of electronic and mobile commerce: - Analysis of your business and assess its potential on the Internet - definition of the creative, the functional and technical requirements (now and in the near future) - the creation of an effective strategy for e-commerce - the development of requirements for "search engine optimization'' - the development of e-commerce strategy for your site, taking into account best practice - guidance on the design of the architecture, layout (frame), site maps and process flows - the formation of the main goals of e-commerce for your company - an indication of the main stages to present your product or service in the field of e-commerce - creation of reviews and assistance in choosing the best offer of a third party to be integrated into your business processes - launch a new website or optimizing an existing e-commerce site

Benefits of eCommerce Consulting Services. - Higher Conversion rate - Reduced cost in eCommerce website development life cycle - Increased user satisfaction & enhanced experience - Search Engine Friendly site - Scalable eCommerce Platform

Authenticity of e-Store. E-Commerce is the new market platform which every new business person is now thinking about. The consumers have evolved from hoping multiple stores to find a right product to surfing through tons of products over the internet at their convenience. This creates a need for the businesses to leverage their e-commerce business to cash-in on this opportunity to bring new business. Information Security. With website hacking on the rise, protecting your virtual store from digital hackers in a key step towards safeguarding your online assets. They not safeguard your e-store, but also add to our brand value by giving confidence to your customers who create online accounts to build their shopping profiles. Online Payments. The most important aspect of any online business is managing payments. When your website develops trust within your customers they would prefer to complete the payment online. A need to create a secure online payment solution is extremely crucial to safeguard transaction data to protect brand image. Tracking, managing, analyzing transactional data can reveal lot more about your customer’s shopping behavior which will help you create more accurate marketing campaigns. Personalized Marketing. Our shopping behavior is as unique as our fingerprints. Gone are the days when one marketing campaign was used for all. With advancement in technology, personalized marketing has become a norm in the e-business industry. This increases your conversion rate and allows you to have a more focused campaign management.