Email Marketing Services Calicut

Email Marketing Company in Calicut. Email Marketing is a cost effective way to market your products and services. In a short time period you can send emails to maximum users who see your information. This is a good way to drive targeted traffic to your website. You can promote your offers, news letters, surveys, build brand awareness or share news about your company.

Leads Calicut deals with highly reputed India publishers who own subscriber databases. This is opt in subscriber database where users have requested to be communicated with offers. This is called Permission Marketing due to which the campaign results tend to perform better. You can expect 15 - 30% email open rates on good offers.

With a database of over 800,000 people in India (Demographic Data based on Age,Gender, City available) we believe your valuable message should reach the right users. This audience is educated, engaged and waiting to hear from you. Email Marketing in UAE is common and most efficient, convenient and economical way to communicate. How Email Marketing Works Choose your objective from email campaign. Example - Send traffic to a website Tell us your targeted audience to who you want to reach. - We will give you the count. We make creative design and email your message to the right audience. Target audience by age, gender, nationality, marital status, education, income levels & more. Example - All Indian male / female over age 30 earning AED 20,000 and above per month. Our Email Marketing Software gives you detailed reporting on campaign success.

There's a common misconception in the digital marketing world, whereby many commentators suggest that 'email marketing is dead'. While, we believe that email marketing has most certainly changed over the years (and for the better), we strongly believe that email marketing is far from being dead. Think about it... when you receive a new friend request on Facebook or a new follower on Twitter aside from mobile app notifications, these powerful platforms send email alerts. If you then imagine how much time you spend online each day there's a good chance that most of your day is spent checking and working on emails with social media a close second. There's no doubt that email marketing and its role has changed, and therefore when it comes to using this channel to market your business, the right execution is absolutely key to have any chance of success.